Set your preferences to find the exact dog you are looking for based on location, size, age, and lifestyle!



Simply swipe right to favorite the dog of your dreams or swipe left to pass. You can view each dogs pictures and profile description to help make your decision.


All of the dogs you favorited are easily accessible in one place. This makes it easy to narrow down your top dogs and decide which ones you’d like to send your connection to!

Complete Your Adoption Form!

Each user has the opportunity to complete an adoption form for the rescues to review. To expedite the adoption process, we created one universal adoption form that can be used for all dogs! We highly recommend you complete the form prior to connecting to a rescue to increase your chance of the rescue accepting you! We charge $1.99 for every successful connection to assure the rescues that they’re only viewing the most serious of adopters and to donate a percentage to a rescue in need!


After sending your connection to the dog of your dreams, the rescue will review your profile and adoption form. If they think you may be a good fit for their dog, they will start a conversation with you! This allows for you and the rescue to exchange any further questions and to schedule a meet and greet!


How loud would you Howl for love? Download the app and start swiping!

How It Works

Howl to Home is a dual platform mobile application that connects state registered, non-profit rescues with legitimate dog adopters:

  • Rescues upload and manage their adoptable dogs.
  • Adopters create their profiles and set their preferences.
  • Adopters can complete the built-in universal adoption form and swipe right on their favorite matches.
  • Adopters can send their connections to the rescues of their favorite dogs.
  • The rescues can presceeen the potential adopters before enabling communication. If they think a potential adopter is a good match for their dog, they’ll start a conversation with you!

Our Mission

Howl to Home is a mobile application that connects dog adopters with rescues in pursuit to finding a perfect human + dog match. Howl was born out of an undeniable yearn to reform the outdated ways of adopting a dog. We empower rescues and those who wish to adopt a dog with the sole intent to love and provide for that dog as a member of their family. Our team verifies every rescue that signs up on our app to ensure all dogs on Howl have been rescued by a state registered, non-profit organization. Howl to Home aims to one day keep a documentation of each dog adopted including who the dog was adopted by and where. By keeping a record of each rescue, dog, and adopter, together we can help combat dog trafficking, dog abuse and the reselling of dogs to medical labs, dog fighters and dog hoarders. The days of an antiquated dog adoption process are over and the future of a streamline, fun and safe way of adopting a dog is here. The Howl of every dog in need of a forever home has been heard. This year, 2018, is for the dogs!


Our app is free to download for both the rescues and the adopters. For the rescues, the app is 100% free to use. As for the adopters, the only time we require a payment is when the adopter sends a connection to a rescue. The adopter will be charged $1.99 per successful connection which means the charge does not go through unless the rescue accepts the connection by starting a conversation with the adopter. We require the charge to assure the rescues that only the most serious of adopters are sending connections and to donate a percentage to a rescue in need. If the rescue does not accept the adopters connection, the adopter will not be charged.

Each rescue that signs up on our app is verified by our team proving they are a state registered, non-profit organization.

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We highly recommend the adopters complete the adoption form before connecting to a rescue. The adoption form asks questions that the rescue will require answers to. Completing the form ahead of time, allows the rescue to review the adopters connection in greater depth, therefore, being able to find out more information about the adopter to determine whether or not the adopter and the dog may be a good fit. If the adoption form is not completed when the adopter connects to a rescue, the rescue may decline the connection as it can be a sign of lack of commitment and prohibits the rescue from vital information.

The rescue can accept the adopters connection by performing the following tasks:

1. Click the menu bar on the upper left corner of the homepage
2. Click “Adopters” listed in the menu bar
3. Click “View Adopter” on the desired adopter
4. Click “Start a Conversation” listed at the bottom of the adopters profile if the rescue wishes to accept the adopters connection and enable our messaging feature.

After the adopter sets their preferences and views their matches, they’re able to swipe right on dogs they’re interested in and left on dogs they wish to pass. The dogs they swipe right on, will go into their “favorites” folder shown as a heart on the upper right homepage. From there, they’re able to send their connection to the rescue of the dogs they are serious in adopting. Once the connection is sent, the rescue is able to review the adopters profile, basic information, and completed adoption form. From here, if the rescue thinks the adopter may be a good fit, they can accept the connection by choosing to “start a conversation” with the adopter. At this time, the adopter will be charged $1.99 since the connection was a success. Now, the messaging feature is enabled for this particular dog and adopter. Howl was designed this way to eliminate the time-consuming, inefficient, and outdated ways of adopting a dog. We put the power in the rescues hands by allowing them to enable the communication by sending the first message. We understand and respect that the rescue knows best when placing a dog in a forever home. Therefore, we eliminate wasted time and stress on both the rescue and the adopters side, by limiting conversations to only the most serious of adopters and those who the rescue thinks may be a good fit.

Contact Us

Whether you are a rescue looking to partner with us or an adopter with questions, please complete and submit the form below and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for contacting the Howl to Home team!

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